“Traveling” – The Topic Of English-Speaking Club In April



 To continue to create an effectively English-speaking atmosphere for students, the organization board of ESC has tried to find and change the content and the form for activities of ESC. Concretely, in the meeting in April, ESC has changed the content and applied the new form for the meeting with the topic “Traveling”

 The meeting held at 6:00 p.m. on 18 April, 2019 with the presence of the organization board and together with many English-majored students.

 The content includes two main parts: games and discussion. In the first part, students joined two games to find the key words from the questions and name famous places in the country and around the world basing on relevant pictures. Part two is the most important in which students were divided into groups to discuss some questions related to the topic; then, they gave they answer and shared their ideas for each question.

 It is supposed that this is the first new form of ESC; hence, the success of this meeting is highly evaluated about the quality. Although some students, because of shyness, are not ready to talk, others are so enthusiastic and excited during the discussing time. ESC hopes that this meeting will be a foundation for the next meetings so that ESC can be both a playground and an English-speaking environment for students.


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