English Speaking Club In March With The Topic “Environment”



The periodic meeting of “English Speaking club” held at 6:30 on 28th March, 2019, at the hall of BLU – Campus 2, with the topic “Environment” attracting a lot of English- majored students of BLU.

The Club was honored to welcome the presence of Ms. Diep Thi Hong Phuoc, vice dean of Education Faculty – BLU ; Ms. Nguyen Thi Anh Dao, vice leader of Foreign language Division; Ms. Nguyen Truc An ,vice leader of Foreign language Division and along with the teachers of Foreign Language Division.

The content of the meeting included two parts: recycling fashion show of representatives of English majors and gameshow “Word Guessing” for audiences. The candidates designed creatively to made beautiful recycling dresses together with professional performances. Besides, the presentation of teams helped to raise people’s awareness of protecting the environment and using recycling products. In this part, the club also chose the most perfect couple. The prize belonged to one couple of 10DTA class. In the word guessing game, with the knowledge of English vocabulary, the teams showed their ability to guess the words from clues.

The meeting finished at 8h00 pm. It is supposed that English Speaking Club is not only an environmental speaking English but also a playground for the students to relax after stressful school time. The Club hopes that the next the meeting will be more useful and attractive the interest of English-majored students so that the Club deserves to be an effective English-speaking environment.


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