Teacher Union Visited Orphans At Long Phuoc Pagoda



On the occasion of Tet holiday, to share the love for unfortunate lives, in the morning of January 27th, 2019, the Teacher Union of the Education Faculty paid a visit and organized a meaningful party for the children at Long Phuoc Orphanage (Ward 5, Bac Lieu City).

In order to prepare for the visit and gifts, the Union has launched a movement to donate clothes and funds for the children at the orphanage on the occasion of the Lunar New Year. After the donations, the Union has prepared more than 30 servings, clothes and some household utensils for children.

Here, the delegation thanked, encouraged the volunteers at the orphanage; and at the festival, teachers also had art performances with emotional songs to the orphans. The party was small, but it also brought them with motivation and joy in life.

At the end of a meaningful visit at Long Phuoc Orphanage, Teacher Union had beautiful moments and sincere feelings for children with special circumstances. Hopefully, there will always be loves and volunteer activities to unfortunate children in society.

News: Kim Ngoan

Translator : The Bao

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