English Speaking Club (ESC) Welcomed Lunar New Year 2019




At 6 p.m., January 25th, 2019, English Speaking Club – The Faculty of Education successfully organized the celebration of the Lunar New Year 2019 at Lecture Hall 12, Campus 2, Bac Lieu University,

The program warmly welcomed the presence of the Head of the ESC, the teachers in the Division of Foreign Languages ​​as well as the enthusiastic participation of students in English- majored classes.

The ESC’s scheme is divided into two main parts, including spring costume‘s fashion show and lottery draw to answer the questions about New Year topic. In the fashion show, students also presented the meaning of their costumes. After two rounds of the competition, students have shown their careful preparation when joining in the ESC. This is also an opportunity for English- majored students to improve vocabulary and develop communication skills in English.

On the occasion of Lunar New Year, English Speaking Club would like to wish all of the teachers in the Division of Foreign Languages ​​in particular, at Bac Lieu University in general, as well as students a happy and peaceful new year.


Translator : The Bao

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